Mega Sonic Bros. AF ep. 5 part 1/3

wow... it's been a while huh...
ha ha, well let me start of by giving some thanks.
to all my fans who support my series and message me, comment me, etc.
to my girlfriend for realizing how important this is to me and supporting me.
to my Video Game Club: "Game Knights" which give me inspiration.
to The Fighters Generation for being such an awesome website for fighter fans like me.
Now for some credits.
The Mecha Shadow art is by: Jeffry from Deviant Art
The Mecha Knuckles art is by: aducknamedh
The Dr. Wily art is by: kanefinger1939
now for some trivia and cliffhangers
1. Sentinel was inspired by some Marvel vs Capcom 2 combo videos...
Sentinel is top tier in MvsC2 and his combos are insane.
2. 4 minutes of animation were done over the course of a week.
3. The Cream escape scene was going to be shorter and slower, but after watching some videos from ifyoureadthisdie, I dedicated more time on the scenes to make it faster and more appealing for the SMBZ audience.
4.Many scenes were finished at 4 or 5AM in the morning. after I finished my homework, fed my cat, and eating munchies.
5. Originally Episode 5 was going to be 4 parts of 5 minutes each, but I decided to go back to the traditional 10 minutes after extending episode 5 into being 30 minutes long.
6. After popular demand, the text stays on screen from an average of 3 to 5 seconds.
7. Amy had already met Mario in Nintegaball GT, a series by NessMasta
1. Is that Zero who punched Cream?
2. Why does Dr. Wily want Cream to much?
3. Why didn't the Mechas kill off Mario?
1:53 = Zero vs Phantom
4:44 = Amy and Tails find The Team
5:47 = The Good Times
6:35 = Sonic's Return
7:58 = Dr. Wily's Castle
8:10 = The Great Escape
8:53 = Sentinel Deployed
9:26 = Finally Outside
9:36 = Sentinel is back
9:57 = Zero?"

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