Mega Sonic Bros. AF Episode 3 Full Length - The Hedgehog War

Here we go! the episode many of you had been waiting for, and I know it's been a whopping 4 months since episode 2 so I am sorry I kept many of you waiting. But here it is! Mega Sonic Bros. AF episode 3 The Hedgehog War. Ok now time for some info...

I know I used the old intro, sorry I just liked it a little better than the new one. IDKY, but I did.
The New Intro was nice and everything, but I think I placed more heart and soul on the first one, not to mention that it took a lot longer to do... But oh well, Sorry for those who hate it, just skip a 1:30 into the video and Viola! it begins...

I will place the credits for the episode at the end

Also as many of you saw my trailer to the first Official MSBAF movie...
I am still thinking about which Fan characters to use... I am looking for 2 male hedgehogs, 1 female hedgehog, and A male and a female Cat. Just like you saw in my trailer. I am happy with the characters I have, but quite frankly, the sprite sheets suck! I only have a couple of poses for each and I have to do a lot of improvising. They all don't even have a Spin Dash, which you saw I had to use a blurred rotation of Trance TH in the Trailer to make up for it.

So I guess i'll ask for a collab of spriters to come together see if I can find some better sheets. So If you're interested in me using your Fan Character in my movie, please pm me. my email is if you feel you want to chat there.

I'll also make it official in a video, because many people may not read this discription..(which I don't blame you, it's a lot of crap to read... heh.)

In this episode we see the training of Amy to become super, we see a little resentment between the hedgehogs, and a little fighting breaks out.
I know I have not shown the Mario bros. or the Mario Team much on this episode, but I promise you they will get more than their 15 minutes of fame...

Roxas and Namine make their debut."

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