Mega Sonic Bros. AF Episode 4 Full Length - The Mecha Menace

wow... 2 months already? time flies!
I took 4 months between episode 2 and 3, but oh well...
here it is! MSBAF episode 4 part 1!

hope you all like it.

Here we see the flashback about how Sonic and Tails met.
The flashback was used with the voice actors of SatAM episode: "Tail's New Home"

this is the "supposed" way Sonic and Tails met.

The Future Megaman team make their debut, their intentions will be revealed in part 2,
but the Mechas are back! NOO!!!
So they were warned by Mario, I guess they weren't expecting the chaos emerald powered Mechas to be stronger than them.

watch in High Quality if you can!
and enjoy!
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ah... here it is...

I know I promised it was going to be uploaded x-mas day, but due to a certain person...
my motivations were shot...

Now that I am back in college, with so much free time on my hands...
I worked my ass on it all this weekend...

and viola! here you have it folks! part 2...

hope you are excited as I am!

here we have,
Zero makes his debut...
Mario tries to fight Mecha Sonic with all his might...
Amy's Nobody, "Misty The Hedgehog" is introduced...
(she decided to name herself)
Vanilla, Cream's mom makes her debut.

Misty is an OC created by Sonicfactor and Amyfactor


Honors yay!
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