Super Mario Bros Heroes of the Stars Episode 1 Part 1

HERE IT IS!!! The first part of my series: Super Mario Bros: Heroes of the Stars episode 1! :D

SMB Heroes of the Stars is my dream project,
which has elements from the Paper Mario series, Asterix comic series
and also some from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Storyline is based on the story of Asterix, Kirby and Paper Mario,
but different because I added my own storyline of my flash animation series.

I will thanks TheGuy07, TuffTony, ZatchHunter, ShadeFalcon, Legend-tony980 and FaisalAden to support me to make my series.

Without them, how can I make my animation? I dunno...

Anyway, here's music list in this episode:
Shadow of the Colossus - Black Blood
Sonic Unleashed - The World Adventure Orchestral Theme
Ultraman Nexus - Main Title
Super Mario Advance 4 - SMB 3 Overworld
(NSMBDS Style by xXchainchomp01)
Super Mario RPG - My Paradise, Monstro Town
Hoshi no Kaabii - Dedede Bustle
Hoshi no Kaabii - Dictator
Dragon Ball Kai - Piccolo Appears
Mario & Luigi Partners in Time - Toadwood Forest
New Super Mario Bros Wii - Final Castle Appearance
New Super Mario Bros Wii - Castle
Dragon Ball Kai - Anxiety And Unease
Super Mario RPG - Super Pipe House
Mario & Luigi Partners in Time - Yoshi Village
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door - Petalburg
Mario & Luigi Partners in Time - Gritzy Caves
Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story - Bowser's Fortress Act 1
Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story - Bowser's Fortress Act 2
Mario & Luigi Partners in Time - The Shroobs Invade
One Piece - Warui Yatsu
Hulk vs. - Department H (Hulk vs. Wolverine)

Programs Used:
Macromedia Flash 8
Adobe Photoshop CS5
Adobe Premiere Pro CS5
Sony Vegas Pro 10

Well, that's all.

I still working with Part 2. It's take a long time,
but patience is human's best friend."

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