Super Mario Bros Heroes of the Stars Episode 1 Part 2

The second part of SMB Heroes of the Stars Episode 1 is done.

When Mario, Luigi and Yoshi arrive Peach's castle, they noticed the
party is not ready yet.

So Mario take a picnic with Princess Peach in Grassland.

Yoshi and Luigi help Toadsworth and Toadbert to decorate the presents.

But Bowser Jr and Wario Bros stole every coins, emeralds and diamonds
in the treasure chamber and hide from Luigi and Yoshi.

Bowser attack Luigi and Yoshi and beat them.

Meanwhile in Grassland, Princess Peach tell the legend about
the Star Spirits and the transport from the Gods of the Stars,
The Warp Star.

But suddenly Peach is captured by Bowser Jr,
who catch her with the cage.

Bowser appears and the Doomship flying through him.

Will Mario save Princess and defeat the evil Koopa King?

The Chaos have just begun...

Please enjoy.

Watch the credits in the end of this episode. :)

All characters are registered by Nintendo"

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