Super Mario Bros Heroes of the Stars Episode 2 Part 1

Finally Episode 2 Part 1 is done!

Mario watch Bowser of anger, so he call the Warp Star and
beat every Bowser's soldiers in the sky, but stopped by the Koopa King himself.

Before Mario was crushed by Koopatrols,
Luigi and Yoshi save his life from them.

Then Mario Bros fight against the strongest soldiers of Koopa Army
and already beat them.

Then Mario, Luigi and Yoshi face Bowser, Bowser Jr and Boshi.

The battle, in order to save the treasure and the princess, have already just begun...

NOTE: This epiosde is the first one with all-new intro and my new logo and
of course with the scenes sometimes from After Effects CS5. :)

Adobe After Effects CS5 scenes 10:04 to 10:24 - Boshi want his rematch against Yoshi, but it's not about the speed, it's about the combat!

Enjoy it!

Music Selections:
Neo Angelique Abyss - Joy to the World
Ultraman Nexus - Main Title
Hoshi no Kaabii - Holy Nightmare Co./Nightmare Enterprises Inc.
Super Mario Galaxy - Attack of the Airships
Kirby Air Ride - Legendary Air Ride Machine (SSBB Version)
Dragon Ball Kai - A Moment For Shuddering
Fortune Street Music - Super Mario Bros World 1-1
Super Smash Bros Brawl - Bowser's Airship [Super Mario Bros. 3]
Yoshi's Story - Yo-Yo Yoshi!
Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story - Bowser's Theme
One Piece - To the Grand Line
Dragon Ball Kai - Destiny
New Super Mario Bros Wii - Castle Boss
Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Bowser Appears

Voice Actor:
Mario: Electricstar -
Bowser: Me (xXKaijuKing91Xx/SuperFredrikNilsson)

Programs Used:
Macromedia Flash 8
Sony Vegas Pro 10
Adobe Photoshop CS5
Adobe Premiere Pro CS5
Adobe After Effects CS5

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