Super Smash Bros Movie (Part 1) The Beginning (Fan Movie)

-Part 1 Of The Super Smash Bros. Movie (Made In Garry's Mod)
-Part 2 :
Super Smash Bros. 2 Movie Is Much Better Than This One

Super Smash Bros. 2 (Coming Soon)
-Much Better Animations
-More Characters
-Longer Story
If Anyone Knows How To Rip Garry's Mod Models Or Already Has The Following Characters, They Will Be Added To SSB2 Movie, Be Thanked In Credits, And I Will Greatly Appreciate It.
Characters Needed
-Crash Bandicoot (Most Needed)
-Stan Jones From Obscure (Aftermath Version)
-Alex Shepherd From Silent Hill Homecoming
-Jimmy Hopkins From Bully (Wii Or Xbox Version)
-Marcus Reed From True Crime NYC (Xbox Or Game Cube Version)
-Alex Mercer From Prototype
-Rocket From Rocket Robot On Wheels
-John Marston From Red Dead
-Ness (Brawl Or Melee)
-Cortex (Twinsanity Or Tag Team Racing Version)
-Donkey Kong (Brawl Or Melee Needed And Must Be Bigger Than Mario)
-Ezio Auditore (Assassins Creed 2 Or Brotherhood Version)
-Chibi Robo (Game Cube Or DS version)
-Banjo (64 Or Xbox Version)
-Raiden From Mortal Kombat (Must Be Light Suit)
-Earthworm Jim (64 Version)
-Captain Olimar (Brawl Or Pikmin Version)
-Bomber Man (Any Version)
-Fox And Falco (Must Be Brawl)
-King DeDeDe (Must Be Brawl)
-Bowser (Brawl Version)
-Tabuu (Brawl)"

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