Omg over 1 million views (end of January 2013) you people are seriously obsessed with this song O_o I don't even like Gangnam Style (the song and everything associated with it)...I feel that this is my worst MMD project to date, despite being the most popular.

By the way, as with all Sonic MMD models (or any model of the same size/height) , the dance/actions that involve movement near the floor with get screwed up. You know what I mean?

READ THE DANG DESCRIPTION! ESPECIALLY UPDATE 2!!! You commentors are overboard!! Any more comments like "Why not ___X____" or "Where's Knuckles and Tails?" and I'll disable further comments. Read UPDATE 2, that'll answer some of your questions.

Sonic model by dec0rum & Liquidhalo on deviantART.
The other models are by StarrukaHedgehog on deviantART.
Motion Data by MotionMakerDiva on Youtube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wC3UPAV4h5Y&list=FLZvs4YrLQDEFtlHKKdpppmg&index=29&feature=plpp_video
Camera Motion by me (Jemiloke97).
Song: Gangnam Style

UPDATE 1: This was featured on Sonic Retro! And it was on my birthday too! 5 October 2012 (at the bottom of this article) http://www.sonicretro.org/2012/10/new-sonic-jump-coming-to-mobile-devices-soon/

UPADTE 2: Copied and pasted from my own comments. These should answer some of your questions:

1) No, I don't support shipping or any couple stuff. I just made each male hedgehog dance with whatever female character whom they interact with most in the games. So that's my logic on why they are paired like this in the video. I try to stick with the games' canon, you know.

2) Where is Taaaaaaaaaails!!! And Knuckleeeeeees!!!
Well, I couldn't find a suitable´╗┐ female partner for Knux, so I left him out :P I wanted him to go with Rouge actually, but I paired her with Shadow instead, to complete the 'hedgehog trio' thingy. As for Tails, I wanted him to pair up with Cream, but I'll probably faint if I see him and Cream doing the part at 1:55 @_@ Seems unfitting somehow :/ If there's demand, I'll be doing an alternate version of Gangnam Style with Knuckles, Tails and Cream in it. :)

3) I am strongly against couples and shipping in the Sonic series. And don't ask me about the characters in the comics (like Sally, e.t.c) cuz I follow the game canon only. I don't read the comics."

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