Sonic X (French) - Episode 60 : Le retour de Shadow [Reupload]

Reuploaded on my 1st account, because this episode is blocked by TMSanime worldwide on my Luigi128GreenCap account...*sigh* It pisses me off, you know!
But this time, I blocked TMSanime. I have plenty of things to do, and reuploading videos again and again don't amuse me. LOOK AROUND YOU, JERKY PEOPLE, AND YOU CAN SEE THAT THE FUCKING JETIX OPENING IS AVAILABLE ON YOUTUBE!!! SO WHY DO YOU BLOCK VIDEOS FOR A FUCKING BULLSHIT OPENING?!

If you want to download some Sonic X episodes : Click on this link, and you'll be redirected to MarocTorrent, more precisely in the Sonic X page (You just need to register, and download a torrent software like µTorrent) :"

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