Mega Sonic Bros. AF Episode 2 Full Length - Conflict Arises

Here we go! Episode 2 is almost done! but since i have been finished with part 1 a long time ago... I decided to upload it for you all to see! for those who don't know yet! i made a MSBAF F.A.Q. for you all to feast your eyes on! here's the link! if you want to place a comment, register on Gaia Online and say I refered you! (they give me free gold) my username's RPGfan2005 well anyways, enjoy! ^_^

oh, please watch in High Quality if you can!
you'll notice it looks ALOT better.

sorry about the wait... but with a girlfriend, a job, and college... i finally found the time to work on it!

here it is! the second part of episode 2!

oh and i wont take so long on episode 3 i promise...i'll work on it for the Holiday season...

anyways, i recreated the fighting stage from SMBZ eps. 3 and 4. I hope they make a great combat field for episode 3!

stay tuned and enjoy!
please rate high, and watch in high quality if you can!"

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