Sonic Advance Z Episode 2

This is The sonic advance z episode 2 it took me almost a year to make because the file keeps deleting but i hope you like it don't forget comment and rate i will really be thankful in this episode shade finds shadow out of no where and wan't to get the chaos emerald from him but shade refuse and that where the battle starts. I Don't Own the sprites nor the characters displayed in this episode, also i don't own any soundtrack or music from this video, all copyright claims goes to there respectful owners from here we start from sonic and the others when they was talking along the road metal sonic got out from no where sonic phased him alone no surprise he wasn't a challenge for the king of speed when sonic is gone suddenly metal sonic got a new transformation. and we return to shadow dark sonic has appeared and attacked shade he got the chaos emerald from him and the battle continue shadow killed shade and then dark sonic tried absorbing shadow but shade came to save shadow but dark sonic absorbed shade instead and now he made a dark clone of shade can shadow win this or he well let us down find down find out next on sonic advance z Sprite Animation is My Hobby I Was Inspired By Many Great Sprite Animators Such As : Alvin-Earthworm ,Blueblur66,RPGfan2005 And I was Most Inspired by Alvin's Super Mario Bros. Z . I Loved it So Much that I wanted to Make My own Show. Sonic is Copyrighted by Sega I Don't Own Any of The Sprites in The Animation For all of those who are wondering about where the hell is episode 1.well i removed it and i will upload the remade version pretty soon, so please be patient for the meaning time."

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